Watch List Screening

The Link Between Your Business and Safe Transactions

Our Watch List Screening software provides corporations with the ability to check all individuals, businesses and countries against government and non-government most current restricted, denied, or prohibited party lists to ensure no business transactions occur with an entity that is prohibited by law. Furthermore, the Watch List Screening software offers a complete audit trail to demonstrate your due diligence was performed properly.

OCR Watch List Screening Software


Daily Watch Lists

Comprehensive set of worldwide lists from government and non-government sources

Watch List Screening Software OCR


 Advanced Algorithms

Fuzzy logic support with customizable parameters for different attributes

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Logic & Workflows

Notify users of screening status with detailed results and automated workflows


Explore Screening Options

Real time transaction screening of multiple names and aliases, address and/or country, in order to cover all possible combinations



Reporting Options for Any Audit

Extensive set of standard and custom reports



Easy to Use Dashboard

Schedule automatic batch screenings or perform ad hoc screenings


Free Watch List Screening Demo

Download a printable PDF factsheet for a detailed look at features of this product.

Denied Party Lists Automatically Refreshed Daily

We maintain the most comprehensive global denied party and entity list from government and non-government sources so your screening process has up-to-date accuracy. Our list sources include:

  • Global trade embargoes and sanctions
  • OFAC financial sanctions programs
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checklist
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)
  • Politically Exposed Parties (PEP)
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical Exclusions
  • Law Enforcement and many more

Intelligent Searches and Monitoring

Run scans against the entire database or only the most recently changed data. Our fuzzy logic search algorithms support with customizable parameters and attributes so you can fine-tune your screening process for your industry and business needs while not sacrificing accuracy and risk reduction. Compose custom lists for internal compliance based on your specific industry and ethics policies.

Get Insights with Detailed Reports and Notifications

Inform departments and teams of match status and actions required with detailed result alerts and notifications. Keep your process transparent and individuals accountable with reports from screenings as well as comprehensive, defensible audit trails of users and their actions taken on the system. Automated Alerts remind core compliance users and managers about follow-up action required, past-due cases, and issue resolutions.

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