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Understand and Manage your compliance obligations in the UK and Europe

In today's market, maintaining a competitive edge requires constantly refining supply chain agility, compressing cycle times, optimising sourcing decisions, lowering distribution costs, cementing relationships with strategic suppliers and delivering on progressively complex customer demands.

Trade regulations are in a state of flux across the UK and the European Union, especially with the uncertainty of Brexit, making global trade issues more complex than ever. Governments are implementing more sophisticated cross-border controls in order to boost tax revenues, spur national economic growth and enhance security.

As a dominant player on the global playing field, the job of compliance can be increasingly challenging when dealing with sourcing from various countries where imposing extraterritorial regulations can follow you, such as the likes of ITAR and dual-use US re-export controls, all the way to your commodity’s end destination.

If not managed properly:

  • Missed steps can lead to trade privileges being revoked
  • Unexpected changes can lead to delays in processing, reduced revenues and lost market share
  • Loss of credibility can lead to disruption of invaluable trade relationships

As a business, your task is to stay ahead of the game to avoid penalties and to stay competitive in your key markets.



The following set of solutions provides a tailored experience meeting the needs of the UK and European Markets. Click the products below to find out how they can support your business.

Security & ID

Licence & Permit


OCR is a leading provider of Global Trade Management Solutions. Our GTM enterprise platform automates import and export processes to enable goods to flow smoothly across international borders in the most efficient, compliant and profitable way. Many of our customers from around the world have effectively automated their global trade processes and achieved significant results. The aim of our solutions is to streamline your processes and integrate with existing systems to have a robust end-to-end experience covering all of your needs into one application. This, in turn, enables you to say goodbye to disparate systems for management oversight, separate spreadsheets and other, ineffective manual processes.


OCR’s enterprise cloud-based platform provides an overarching breadth of solutions on the international scale to support all aspects of global trade management.

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