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OCR Services Announces 2016 Release of EASE, Global Trade Management Software Platform

May 9th, 2016, Posted in Press Releases

New version of EASE includes major enhancements and product updates to provide more streamlined automation for clients in the U.S., EU, Middle East, Australia and India who engage in global trade.

ROCKVILLE, MD (PRWEB) May 11, 2016

OCR Services, Inc. (OCR), a world-leading provider of trade compliance and automation solutions, today announced the latest release of EASE, its Global Trade Management software suite, a platform that automates and simplifies cross-border trading operations. The new version includes a user-friendly mobile application, seamless SAP/ ERP integration, and enhanced trade management tools for improving and safeguarding import and export business processes.

The new version of the EASE software suite further simplifies supply chain visibility, tracking and export filing with customs for export and import operations, with extended support for many countries, including the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia and India. The software updates all trade data, content and rules for extended supply chain operations for over 180 countries. The suite’s 16 modules are easily and securely integrated with each other, government agencies and with third-party solutions such as SAP, Oracle and other ERP products.

“For companies with a global supply chain, the ability to manage the complexities of security, compliance, taxes, tariffs and duties is a make-or-break priority,” said Raj Boveja, CEO of OCR. “Moving goods across a global supply chain requires a comprehensive set of tools to efficiently and reliably manage all related process and all the necessary data with trading partners, as well as with government and regulatory agencies. The new version of EASE provides users with a more robust, flexible solution within an automated framework, dramatically reducing the time and costs involved with the always-moving target of international compliance.”

The EASE Global Trade Management software suite encompasses 16 unique solutions that address the four critical elements for any company involved in cross-border trade:

  • Expedite Trade Flow
  • Avoid Regulatory Fines
  • Save Operating Costs
  • Enhance Supply Chain Security

The results are lower operational costs, reduced risk of trade penalties and fines, and the ability to clear inbound and outbound customs with efficiency. Greater insight into these processes also enables OCR’s clients to address issues promptly, including identifying denied parties, staying abreast of international compliance requirements and ensuring that all documents are filed and appropriate tariffs/duties are paid. Every module has detailed reporting and tracking that will not only stand up in any audit, but is government approved. The suite is scalable and configurable and addresses ever-changing international regulations.

Companies involved in cross-border trade can visit
or send an email to for more information on the new version of the EASE Global Trade Management software suite.

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