EASE Mobile (US)

Know your customer – on the go!

Get accurate, real-time results of international denied party screenings on demand with the Watch List Screening Mobile App. The user-friendly interface enables the user to check all individuals, businesses and countries involved in a transaction against government restricted, denied or prohibited party lists. Depending on your business process rules, volume of transactions and existing ERP or order processing system, we offer a multitude of options to help you comply with Watch List Screening requirements. With OCR’s Watch List Screening Mobile Application, you can be sure that your business stands protected from all the negative ramifications of failing to comply.

Screening Logic & Workflows

Notify users of screening status with detailed results and automated workflows.

Reporting Options for Any Audit

Extensive set of standard and custom reports on any business partner database including customers and vendors, denied parties lists and more.

Mobile Ready

Screen anytime, receive alerts, respond to hits, and review reports from a smart phone or tablet.



Reduce Costs

Reduce overall cost of compliance



Screen Names

Screen hundreds of names in a short span, automatically retrieve current regulatory information, create reports and audit trails at the click of a button.



Accurate, Real-Time Results

Provides organizations with accurate, real-time results of denied parties on the go.


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Denied Party Screening for Mobile

Most comprehensive lists from government and non-government sources for Trade & Financial Sanctions, Embargoes, Anti-Money Laundering, Foreign Corrupt Practices, Law Enforcement, Politically Exposed Parties (PEP), and Medical & Pharmaceutical Exclusions, and more.

Advanced Search Algorithms

Fuzzy logic support with customizable parameters for different attributes.

Advanced Options, Simple Interface

Real-time transaction screening of multiple names and aliases, address and/or country, in order to cover all possible combinations.

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