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Safely screen transactions for your business every time. automatically.

Monitor any authorizations or documents relevant to international trade.

OCR - Export Management

Meet compliance benchmarks and improve operational efficiencies with management of all export processes.

Use a systemic auditable process to determine global product classifications or ECCN numbers.

Determine trade requirements and record-keeping for specific destination countries based upon classification codes.

Implement end-to-end export workflows of technical data/technology and defense services.

Integrate with OCR’s Foreign Trade Zone module to efficiently bring finished products into the U.S. or for foreign commerce.

Monitor any authorizations or documents relevant to international trade.

OCR - Export Management

Streamline the process of customs clearance and assist in the management of end to end import processes.

Streamline the import clearance process to recover duties paid for temporary imports.

OCR License Management Software

Improve the reporting and auditing functions with DOC/DOS Licensing.

Prevent infractions by providing uniform and efficient workflows for authorizing employee request for trade transactions.

Work with enhanced security through advanced methods of ID authentication.

Implement a uniform and consistent corporate wide policy with internal review process to evaluate all incident reports and audit findings.

Reduce the cost of global trade Compliance, automate time consuming tasks and leverage master and transactional data from SAP.

Know your customer on the go – get accurate, real-time results of international denied party screenings.

Learn about Land Governance and Global Trade Net (GTN):


Bring your company back in control of land ownership.

Trade Net (GTN)

Make your switch from manual based process to GTN and lead a digital transformation that differentiates your company.