Our Mission

Our mission is to transform the way companies manage their Global Trade Compliance processes. Our integrated solutions provide our customers with a high-quality, user-friendly suite of solutions which undergo continuous improvement and development.

We are committed to innovation and our solutions are built around industry research and real life customer needs based scenarios. This sets us apart from our competitors and allows us to produce software that solves a wide range of real-time industry problems.

Through our unique platform we aim to empower our users by offering them bespoke solutions that help to move their businesses to the next level. Our Global Trade Management Software streamlines your entire compliance process from start to finish.

Our Solutions

At OCR, we facilitate trade and compliance. Our precision tools help small, medium,
and enterprise businesses and governmental bodies manage their compliance and supply chain activities:

EASE Modules
Enterprise Solutions
OCR’s unique EASE software suite automates the supply chain processes, making trade faster and simpler. Our software enables  you to lead the digital transformation that will help differentiate your company in a highly competitive marketplace.
GTN Software
For Medium Sized Businesses
GTN helps small and medium sized companies make a cost effective switch from manual based processes to improve efficiency and achieve compliance with global regulations and industry standards.
Land Governance
Landowners & Governments
Our Governance solutions take the guesswork out of land ownership. Our fully automated land administration software has the flexibility you need to handle the registration of real estate and property-based transactions.


We have successfully simplified the export and import compliance processes of Fortune 500 companies. Our clients span diverse industries and include leading organizations in:

Aerospace & Defense
Electronics & Computer Hardware
Banking & Finance
Chemical & Petroleum
Federal & State Governments
Legal Community
Freight Forwarding & Distribution
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